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Based on our HiTrade Platform, all investors can involve on our projects and buy them stock via HiTrade Crypto Token, choose your project that want to involve and cooperate then fill the information form, then we will make contact for future information and prepare the contracts and guarantees 

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Energy Based Projects

Project Name Subject Project Value Project Funding gap
EsKom Ankerling and Gourikwa Conversion Project Energy, Gas Conversion
Sub-sector: electricity
Phase 1b: R2.4bn(Gourikwa–R900M; Ankerlig–R1.5bn) Phase 1b: R400M 
Emergency Power Purchase Programme Energy
Sub-sector: electricity
Phase 1b: R2.4bn (Gourikwa–R900M; Ankerlig–R1.5bn) Phase 1b: R400M (shortfall)
Phase 2: R40bn (shortfall)
Redstone CSP Project Energy         
Sub-sector: renewable energy
ZAR12.0billion N/A
Embedded Generation Investment Programme (EGIP) Energy         
Sub-sector: renewable energy
ApproximatelyZAR9 666million (including 3rdparty funds catalyzed of approximately R6 billion) N/A
NDPWI Renewable Energy and Resource Efficiency Programme (REREP)  Energy         
Sub-sector: renewable energy   
ZAR77 billio            N/A
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Manufacturing Project Energy 
Sub -sector : Distributed Renewable Energy   
ZAR500 million– Manufacturing Facility        N/A

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