MED-CIN Tech International GmbH

Asset Management Company specializes in investment products and advisory services for individual investors and institutions globally.

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Global development and peace investment consortium for Africa

Hereby Informs that Med-Cin-Tech GHBH is establishing and launching the
" Global development and peace investment consortium for Africa" 
Real and legal personalities who want to join this consortium or participate in the activities of the consortium,

Submit your application after reading terms & conditions


Visit and participate
 in collection projects and plans


To Do All these Projects we have Strong and Specific Partners in our way


What's our mission and vission in this market

Safety, Health and Environmental polices 

Managing growing cities in ways that support and drive economic growth while reducing pollution and offer clean energy, care for clean water and blue sky, improve quality of Nutrition in some countries. At the beginning of a growth path, we define realistic goals that we can also achieve them such as building the dental campus in Berlin.  

HiTrade Crypto Platform

HITRADE is about evolution - the next step of fund management and investment. By pairing the fundamental investment model with the new technological possibilities of the crypto world, we believe HITRADE will be the game-changer for the investment world.
In our "rich get richer" world, the best and most lucrative opportunities and investments are only reserved for the "big investors", who in turn reap the highest profits. These opportunities are only pipe dreams for smaller investors. That is why we developed HITRADE, using blockchain technology to build a platform that is able to level the playing field for all investors.
HITRADE's mission is to cater to investors looking for high profits that are not possible in traditional investment models. It will do so through a simple and trustworthy entry point, providing our investors with high yield investments and great user experience.
We believe that investing doesn’t have to be confusing or time-consuming. That is why HITRADE is doing all the heavy lifting for you, as our expert team manages all the portfolio for you, and we have experts and technology that manages risks and at the same time offers high value and exclusivity for our clients.
HITRADE will explore a new frontier in the decentralized economy; with a guaranteed income stream and an ambitious platform vision.

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What We Do

  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Mobilization of financing for Investment Cases
  • Complementary financing
  • Increased government investment in projects
  • Leveraging additional financing, such as International
  • Development Association (IDA) or the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
  • Innovative engagement of global and local private sector resources
  • Med-Cin financing strategies focused on sustainability
  • Investments in global public goods that support Med-Cin results at country  

The MED-CIN Tech also finances, broader capacity building and institutional strengthening, such as state-employees workforce financing, supply chains management (including addressing the quality of commodities and information systems, such as CRVS. The MED-CIN Tech has the flexibility to make targeted investments in entirely different sectors, such as digitalization, cyber security & trust in digital, education, healthcare, energy or mobility, infrastructures, social protection, mining and in general all sectors aimed to create jobs, if there will be a significant impact on results.  


Public relation

The MED-CIN Tech brings partners together to provide smart, scaled and sustainable financing to achieve and measure results, at country level and operates as a facility that maximizes the comparative advantages of a broad set of a broad set of partners, they are engaged at country level through a "country platform" that, under the leadership of national governments, builds on existing structure, while embodying two key principles: inclusiveness and transparency. 

Scaled financing entails mobilizing the additional resources necessary to fully finance the agenda from domestic, international and public and private sector